My boyfriend and I worked with Joanna to purchase our first home and really can’t say enough good things about her. She is knowledgeable, approachable, personable, endlessly patient, and incredibly generous with her time (including mornings, evenings, and weekends). She answered every question and explained every form and every part of the process clearly and thoroughly. Buying a home in this market is challenging, but working with Joanna made it as painless and straightforward as possible. We highly recommend her. Thank you Joanna!


Happy Buyers

My husband and I can’t speak highly enough of our experience with Joanna. She was always on our side working to make our house purchase as simple and successful as possible. With her thorough knowledge of local market she was always focused on answering our questions, giving us good advice, and finding homes that met our needs. Every time we viewed a new property she would perform a methodical inspection, looking for signs of problems and commenting on the quality of construction, finish, appliances, etc., so we can make the best decision for our family. She was always there for US! We were impressed with her professionalism and her genuine interest in assuring we were satisfied with our final decision on our new place we found.

We would highly recommend her to anyone that is searching for a new home or want to sell.

Joanna, we greatly appreciate your professionalism, honesty, and hard work ethic!

Thank you!


Malgorzata & Henryk

It is always pleasure to work with Joanna, she is professional, knowledgeable, and available. She treats her clients very personable, with respect and dignity. She knows the market and always servers with good advice. I would highly recommend Joanna.

Happy Seller

Selling a house in today’s world can be very stressful, but Joanna made that process so easy, and very professional. I don’t have any other words to describe Joanna’s work accept Amazing. I’m definitely looking forward to working with Joanna on buying my dream home.


It was our first purchase and we were very anxious during the whole process (we were moving from out of state). Joanna was not only able to assist us in every step of a way (in very professional manner) but also helped to calm us down and bring some peace when some concerns arose during this nerve-wrecking process. Joanna was very responsive and always within a reach and communication between us and the seller was conducted very smoothly. Working with Joanna was a great pleasure. I would recommend her to anybody who wants to make their search for and eventual purchase of their dream house a pleasent experience.

Kathy & Jacob

Our move was difficult as we moved from Illinois and coordinating all aspects of this process was truly difficult, but not for Joanna, who was part of every detail and often our boots on the ground. I have been in the real estate business for over 24 years, and if you are seeking a true, knowledgeable and a person who is passionate about their work my sincere recommendation is Joanna.


“Adobe Homes Realty was a pleasure to work with. Joanna was always very helpful and answered all of my questions right away. She quickly found me a home that I fell in love with and closed within 10 days!!! In this market that is unheard of. I recommend Adobe Homes Realty to anyone who wants quick and friendly service.”

Happy Buyer

Selling or buying a home was never so easy. Joanna and her team are by far the best real estate agents in the state of Colorado. When it comes down to having a professional by your side their is not a harder worker for you then Joanna. Joanna sold our house in 4 days we were in shock that she was that good. Please if you need an real estate agent. Give Adobe Homes Realty,LLC a call. You will be very pleased like we were.

P.J. & Michael

I worked with Joanna Sobczak to find my first home, and I had a very positive experience with her. Joanna is a wonderful person to work with. She is very professional, knowledgeable, easy to talk to and genuinely interested in helping me to find the right home. Joanna was always available, very flexible and very responsive to emails, texts and phone calls. She was very patient, answered all my questions and guided me through the whole process. I can truly say that Joanna was not just a realtor, but a friend.
I will gladly work with Joanna again, I’m very happy with my new home, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an awesome agent.


“Before I started the search for a real estate agent, I was terrified at the thought of buying a home. All sorts of scenarios were running through my head as far as what could go wrong with being a new time home owner. Joanna was my very first real estate agent I had conducted business with and I would never go with anyone else. She assured me numerous times of the process of buying, and recommended an amazing mortgage agent as well. With any potential homes that came across, she was always ready with the full information as far as the details of the home (I.e. HOA, renovations, appliances, any problems etc.). She is very professional and attentive. She will always answer the phone whenever you have questions, and if she doesn’t, she calls back within a matter of ten minutes. I am now a proud owner of a condo and it was the best life decision I have ever made. I would never have been able to make that decision without a strong team on my side. I would highly recommend Joanna for any type of home buying, especially if it is your first time.”


“Joanna is passionate about real estate and takes great pride in her profession as a broker. Her main goal is to assure her client’s happiness which is reflected through her attitude and willingness to go above and beyond. She has extensive knowledge about most neighborhoods, school systems, and the community as a whole. She is respectful of her client’s time and commitments and is patient and willing to look for property during the time that suits her client’s best. Joanna and the lender Steve, are a dream team! Their constant communication, explanation, and availability made my transaction effortless. This is my third time purchasing a home, and I will never buy without Joanna again! “


“Joanna Sobczak is an absolute blessing to us. Our home buying process, one which most people feel can be personally stressful and financially challenging – especially in high demand markets, was made nearly seamless because of her efforts. Joanna is so very well informed about the market and shares all of her knowledge and information with you while ensuring everything is explained in a way that you fully understand. It’s clear that she studies it daily, works very hard to keep herself current, and is very savvy – all while being impeccably resourceful. Joanna is patient and truly takes the time to walk you through every detail, no matter how minor or trivial it may seem. The bottom line is, she really cares about you – her client, and she truly cares about and loves what she does.

In our home buying experience, Joanna began with a customized approach with us right from the start. She begins by actively listening to what we wanted, what our unique challenges are, and then she asked us the high yield questions – all done in a methodical order to ensure the properties we would be scheduled to look at met all or most of our criteria. Furthermore, we very much liked and appreciated that Joanna never pushed anything upon us (certain locations, house types, features, decisions, etc.). Rather she offers to help explain things to us if we need any help, which we did at various times, and then she executes in such a way which allowed us to make the best decisions for ourselves that we could. In this way Joanna helped us navigate the waters when they became treacherous for us within the process. In this way Joanna earned our trust, day after day – in her actions and her words, and was our advocate.

Needless to say, Joanna is not only extremely professional but incredibly warm and approachable too. We are extremely impressed by the way she constantly follows up with us – by phone, email, and text – regardless of the day of the week nor the hour. Her communication is spectacular and she took us every step of the way! We strongly recommend Joanna as the Realtor to our family and friends and the one you should seek because we know she’ll be the blessing and angel for you as she was for us during our home buying process! ”

Anna & Kevin

Just closed on my first investment property with Joanna as my realtor. You will not regret working with her… super professional, responds immediately, and answered all of the questions I had as a first-time investment property buyer going through this process. Would recommend Joanna to anyone.

Thank you Joanna for all of your insights on dealing with rentals!


Thank you for a smooth sailing Joanna! Very grateful for the speed and everything “extra” you did for me! You are awesome and the nicest person to work with! CLOSED IN ONLY 3 WEEKS!

Valentina C.

Working with Joanna has been an enjoyable and smooth experience. Her forward thinking and patient demeanor allowed me to pick a place that catered to my financial and personal needs. As a first time home buyer, she guided me throughout the entire process and explained all of the intricacies of buying a home. Her level of professionalism is unparalleled to anything I have ever seen, if you’re buying or selling then look no further than this gem. Thank you Joanna!

Maciej Charyga

I enjoyed my experience with Joanna buying and selling my home. She was quick to respond to any and all questions and able to explain and clarify any tangled matter regarding buying and selling procedure. She was very professional and always on time. Her optimism was contagious and made the process of buying and selling a home easy and worry-less.
Joanna, thanks for all of your help!


Seems like being nice just comes naturally to you. Thank you so much for your help.


Our home buying experience was both pleasant and educational.Althouhg we found Joanna’s professional information online, she made it a point to make us feel comfortable and really took it to heart to find us our dream home.
No phone call went unanswered. All appointments were timely and within our area of interest. Joanna understands the real estate market, and if there is a question she cannot answer right away, she will definitely make every effort to research it and educate both herself and her clients.
It is rare that one makes friends with a business associate, but Joanna has become more of a friend than someone who carried out a business transaction on our behalf.
She would always speak from personal experience but never try to persuade anyone on her point. Always professional and honest, Joanna is proof that a great agent is a great investment in the home buying experience.

M.J. Klimiuk

Thanks a lot!!!!!!

Marta & Bartek

Joanna did a fantastic job during my recent purchase of a rental home.She found the exact house I was looking for in record time, and she took care of most of the work involved with the transaction-she even help me get a mortgage for the property.


What a pleasant experience!! When I decided to purchase my first house I thought it was not possible. I didn’t have any experience in buying a house, financing (since I didn’t make a whole lot of money) and going through the maze of complicated paperwork. Adobe Homes Realty (especially Joanna) made it possible and so easy or I still would be renting. Ohh, I also have to add that, she also made sure that I qualified for a whopping $8000 bucks tax refund. I can’t thank her enough.

Magda Charyga Aurora

A foreclosure on my own rental apartment forced me to search for a house to buy. It had been 26 years since I bought a house. Naturally, the entire house buying and mortgage process had changed considerably. Joanna took the time to explain and help me navigate the complicated mortgage process so that I was pre-qualified to search for a house. Joanna took me to several houses that were in my price range. Because of the short time I had to take an advantage of the “First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit”,Joanna directed me to the houses which will not have complications at closing process , or other complicating factors and short time closing. We eventually found a house whose price had dropped considerably and submitted a contract. Joanna helped draft that house contract, reviewed the counteroffer, and submitted our countercounteroffer, that was accepted. Following the contract approval, Joanna made sure that I got the title work done, got a pre-closing inspection and helped get a few defects corrected at the seller’s cost. Purchasing a house was a big effort, but I really appreciated Joanna’s efforts in finding a house that I can afford in a nice neighborhood!

Bill Myers

The service and personal attention we received from Joanna at “Adobe Home Realty” was excelent and unexpected from a Realtor. This is truly a high caliber agency! Thank you Joanna!


My wife and I moved to Denver and we had no idea where to buy a house. She made looking for a home easy. We utilized her website and through a little trial and error we found a fantastic deal. She was always available on the phone and she went the extra mile to fit our busy schedules.

Jenny and Paul T.

Joanna is a very thorough and professional Real Estate Broker. I enjoy working with her so much because she is always on top of her business, she never ignores phone calls or e-mails and her kind demeanor makes it so easy to talk to her. When Joanna lists our properties, she tastefully stages each room and her photographs show the best attributes of the home to the potential buyers. I can trust her to handle our deals from start to finish without worrying because I know she is taking good care of our properties while on the market. And, the best thing is, she always gets them sold fast and for a great price!